Thessaloniki Airport Shuttle Bus

The Cheapest Way to Get to your Destination in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki Airport Buses

Thessaloniki airport buses are the only public transportation mean serving Macedonia airport. The airport buses connect SKG airport to Thessaloniki city center and all the major transportation hubs. 

Depending on your final destination in Thessaloniki and on the time of day, you choose among the following bus lines:

  • Bus 01X: Airport – Intercity Bus Terminal

The bus route 01X directly connects the airport to Thessaloniki city center, the Central Railway Station and “Makedonia” Intercity Bus Station (KTEL). Buses run from 6:00 am to 10:30 pm with a 30-minutes frequency and reach the city center in approximately 40 minutes and their final stop (KTEL Station) in 50-55 minutes. 

  • Bus 01N: Airport – Intercity Bus Terminal

The bus route 01N has the same route with more intermediate stops but runs only during the night, from 11:00 pm to 05:55 am. Thus, although the routes’ frequency is the same (every 30 minutes), the total journey to the city center lasts around 50 minutes and to Makedonia Coach Terminal (KTEL) 60 minutes. 

  • Bus 79: A.S. IKEA – Aerodromio

From Ikea Station, you will find bus services to every eastbound destination of Thessaloniki. The bus route 79 leaves SKG airport every 30 minutes and gets to Ikea Station in about 10 minutes.

Bus LineFromToFirst RouteLast Route
Bus 01XThessaloniki AirportIntercity Bus Terminal
06:00 am10:30 pm
Bux 01NThessaloniki AirportIntercity Bus Terminal11:00 pm05:55 am
Bus 79Thessaloniki AirportA.S. IKEA06:25 am10:05 pm

Bus Stop at Thessaloniki Airport

The bus stop for all the bus routes is easily located just outside the Arrivals Level. So, just exit the terminal and you will find the bus stop on your right side.

Thessaloniki Airport Bus Fares

The airport bus tickets (01X and 01N) cost 2€ for each adult passenger and 1€ for seniors, students and children. On the other hand, the price of a one-way ticket for all the other bus lines (including bus 79) is 1€ and 0.50€ respectively. There are also tickets valid for two bus trips within 70 minutes at 1.20€ and for three bus trips within 90 minutes at 1.50€. Children under 6 years of age travel for free at all times. 

You can buy your tickets from the vending machines onboard but you should keep in mind that vending machines don’t give change.


Where can I buy bus tickets in Thessaloniki?

Bus tickets at Macedonia airport are only available onboard, from the vending machines. However, you will find OASTH ticket counters scattered around the city while tickets are also to be found at about 1200 other selling points.

How far is Thessaloniki airport from city center?

Thessaloniki airport is only 13 km away from the city center. Therefore, the journey with the airport shuttle bus should take approximately 40 minutes during the daytime and 50 minutes at night.