Thessaloniki Taxis

What Should you Pay Attention to when Traveling by Taxi in Thessaloniki

Taxis in Thessaloniki

Numerous taxis circulate in Thessaloniki, providing passengers with premium and fast transfer services. Thessaloniki taxis are dark blue and have the distinctive “TAXI” sign on their roof. When it’s on, the taxi is free. When it’s off, it is occupied. Overall, Thessaloniki is a relatively small city. Thus, taxi rides are affordable enough as distances are short. However, the heavy traffic levels during rush hours increase traveling time and make taxi rides costlier. 

Thessaloniki Taxi Fares

Thessaloniki taxis don’t offer set prices. On the contrary, their tariffs are calculated via the taximeter based on the reversed distance and the traveling duration. In detail, the initial fare is 1.80€/1.80$, while the cost per km is 0.90€/0.90$. Moreover, a 20-minute waiting time is priced at 15€/15$, while each piece of luggage weighing more than 10kg costs 0.40€/0.40$. During nights (midnight to 05:00 am), the cost per km is 1.25€/1.25$, leading to higher final prices.

Despite offering metered rides, Thessaloniki airport taxis have set fares for transfers from SKG Airport to the city center. Hence, the 30-minute ride from the airport to downtown Thessaloniki costs 24€/24$ during the day and 32€/32$ during the night shift, whereas factors such as the roads congestion and the traveling time don’t affect the final price.

Payments can be made in cash or via debit/credit cards. Nevertheless, Greek taxi drivers aren’t obliged to have a POS machine. Thus, you should always let your driver know that you intend to pay by card.

How to Catch a Taxi in Thessaloniki

The easiest way to catch a cab in Thessaloniki is to hail it from the street. You can stand at the side of the road and simply lift your arm as soon as you spot a free taxi vehicle. However, please note that this is not the case if you are nearby an official taxi rank. Taxi stands are to be found scattered all over the city. If deciding on taking your taxi from the taxi rank, you should always go for the first vehicle waiting in line.

Alternatively, there are plenty of radio-taxi companies in Thessaloniki. Hence, you can order your taxi via a phone call or even an SMS. What’s more, taxi APPS are also an option for making your taxi reservation.

Thessaloniki Taxis to Thessaloniki Airport

As Thessaloniki public transportation options to SKG Airport are limited to public buses, airport taxis are the most popular means among SKG travelers. Fast, convenient, and rather affordable, Thessaloniki airport taxis will transfer you from the heart of the city to SKG in just 30 minutes, with a set price of 24€/24$ during the day and 32€/32$ during the night.

The Most Useful Tips about Taxis in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki taxis are undoubtedly the most convenient way to get to your destination. However, when visiting a city for the first time, it’s very easy to get scammed or overcharged. So, as comfortable as Thessaloniki taxis are, there are some tips to help you travel safely and affordably. 

  • Have your exact destination written down on paper to avoid any communication problems with your local driver.
  • Get informed about the approximate prices for every destination and let the driver know that you are aware of the common fares.
  • Use your mobile to look up the best routes and check if your driver is following them or is just circling around the city.
  • Unless you are being offered a fixed fare, always check that the taximeter is reset and set on when entering the cab and ask for a receipt at the end of your ride. 
  • Look for the official license number which must be clearly displayed inside the taxi vehicle.
  • Never hire an individual taxi driver, who might not even be licensed, but always pick up your taxi from the official taxi ranks.
  • Seek info about the taxi tipping customs of the country you are visiting. Tipping the taxi driver in Thessaloniki is optional.
  • Carry small change in local currency with you in case credit/debit cards aren’t accepted.
  • You can book your Thessaloniki taxi ride online. In that way, you will have a record of your reservation and you will be certain that your taxi is official and licensed.


How do you hail a taxi in Thessaloniki?

You can easily catch a taxi in the street, simply by raising your hand. However, you should take your cab from the official taxi ranks or book it online to be sure that it is licensed and avoid getting scammed.

Are taxis in Thessaloniki safe?

Thessaloniki taxis are considered a rather safe option for your transfer throughout the city. In any case, the cabs queuing up at the official taxi stands are undoubtedly licensed and legal. Hence, you should always catch your cab from the taxi ranks. Another safe alternative is to book your taxi ride online.