Layover at Thessaloniki Airport

Make the Most of the Time Spent at SKG Airport

Thessaloniki International Airport (SKG)Layover at the Airport

Things to Do During a Layover at Thessaloniki Airport

Undoubtedly, layovers at the airport are considered a colossal waste of time and a “necessary evil” to get to your desired destination. But maybe, they are not! Waiting at the airport allows you to do things you‘ve never had the time to do and even clear your mind. You never know: perhaps your next layover at Thessaloniki Airport won’t be a real letdown but actual fun!

1. Do your Homework about Thessaloniki Airport

Check out all the info about Thessaloniki Airport before your scheduled flight. In that way, you will be familiar with the airport facilities, be aware of all the available services, and therefore, best exploit the time spent there. In any case, firstly find out where your gate is so that you can plan your layover without worrying about missing the next flight.

2. Eat, Drink, and Shop at Thessaloniki Airport

Even if airports are notorious for their bad food, you will find out that after a thorough search, you can come up with hidden gems. After all, Thessaloniki is famous for its gastronomic scene. Choose among a wide variety of restaurants and fast foods, have a drink to relax, or fling yourself into endless shopping at Makedonia Airport.

3. Tie up Loose Ends

Spend waiting time at Thessaloniki Airport doing whatever tasks have to be done. Using the airport’s free Wi-Fi, you can arrange your emails, do necessary video calls, and even finish a presentation.

4. Read a Book

Do you remember the promising book you bought but never had the time to read? Now is the time! Grab a drink or coffee, make yourself comfortable, and finally start the book!

5. Make a Schedule for your Journey

Organize your trip, while waiting at Thessaloniki Airport, to make the most of it. Make a to-do list, note your preferences and interests, and get to know your destination seamlessly and stress-free.

6. Visit Thessaloniki Airport’s Lounges

Check out which SKG airport’s lounges are only for airline members and which can be accessed on pay. Airport lounges are the perfect way to spend a layover. Comfortable seats, a quiet and cozy environment, tasty choices, and drinking options will offer you the premium services you are looking for.

7. Sleep at Thessaloniki Airport

Alternatively, if you have a long layover and need to rest but you are traveling on a budget, look for the airport sleeping areas. There are designated zones, not so comfortable as a hotel room, but comfy enough to close your eyes for a while.

A Long Layover is a Perfect Excuse to Visit Thessaloniki

A long layover is an ideal reason to leave the airport behind and go to explore the beautiful city of Thessaloniki. As Thessaloniki downtown is only 13km/8 miles away, you don’t need more than 5-6 hours to enjoy a nice walk in the city center. In any case, check out the top suggested things to do while waiting for your upcoming flight:

1. Head to Thessaloniki City Center

Located only 13km/8 miles away from Macedonia Airport, Thessaloniki city center is the actual center of the city. From shopping facilities to bars and restaurants and from sightseeing to relaxing walks around the old city, there is no better way to get a good taste of Thessaloniki. Wander around the city streets, head to the scenic Ladadica District or the famous Aristotelous Square, walk on the seaside spreading over a more-than-5km/3.1-mile distance, or visit the White Tower and one of the many museums and churches lying in the area. Food lovers will find plenty of options to fulfill their appetites (gastro-bars, traditional tavernas, restaurants, or even fast food alternatives). On the other hand, even shopping in Thessaloniki city center can be exotic. Avoid the mainstream streets of Tsimiski, Mitropoleos, etc., and set Kapani or Modiano markets as your shopping scenes. A somehow original Middle-Eastern bazaar with food, spices, and many more products, will unfold before your eyes!

2. Opt for a Boat Tour

If you want a more relaxing way to meet Thessaloniki, you can head downtown and take one of the boats, organizing tours around the city’s waterfront. Thessaloniki’s boats are actually floating bars offering top-rated drinking services. Hence, you can take a good glimpse of the city while enjoying your coffee, cocktail, or beverage. Can you think of a more refreshing way to spend your airport layover?

3. Go on a Shopping Spree at the Nearby Mall

The first and one of the top shopping malls in Thessaloniki lies only 6km/3.7 miles or a 10-minute ride from SKG Airport. Mediterranean Cosmos houses numerous shops and stores -from local providers to global brands- as well as top-quality drinking and dining options. What’s more, a playground is to be found on the mall’s premises, along with various other facilities (manicure services, beauty salons, a supermarket, and even a church!)

4. Go for a Swim

If the weather is good, why not go to the beach? Chalkidiki, with its marvelous beaches, may not be an option during a  layover, but Epanomi is only 30 minutes away. Even if you don’t want to go in the water, you can enjoy the sun or the picturesque sea-front “tavernas”.