Thessaloniki Airport Parking Services

Park your car Safely and Affordably at SKG Airport

Parking Options at SKG Airport

Thessaloniki airport parking facilities are located at the Arrivals level, within a few-minute walking distance from the terminal’s exit doors. Though uncovered, the parking lots are spacious and monitored. Available 24/7, SKG airport parking premises guarantee secure, comfortable, and affordable services. 

Thessaloniki airport parking is divided into four zones: P4 is for short-term parking and P6, P7 and P8 provide long-term parking spots. A fifth parking lot (P5) is reserved exclusively for coaches and pre-booked taxis. Please remember that parking, even for a few minutes, is allowed only in the airport’s designated parking areas.

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Parking Prices at Thessaloniki Airport

Macedonia airport parking services are considered affordable enough. Depending on the chosen parking facility, you’ll pay from 4€/4$ to 5€/5$ for a 60-minute parking stay. Furthermore, there are monthly parking cards at 60€/60$ per month for Parking P8 and 80€/80$ per month for P6. Explicitly the prices of each SKG parking lot are as follows:

Parking AreaP4P6P7P8
0 min - 20 minFreeFreeFreeFree
21 min - 60 min5€/5$4€/4$4€/4$4€/4$
1 - 2 hours8€/8$6€/6$6€/6$6€/6$
2 - 3 hours10€/10$8€/8$8€/8$6€/6$
3 - 4 hours11€/11$10€/10$10€/10$8€/8$
24 hours25€/25$12€/12$12€/12$8€/8$
1 - 2 days37€/37$16€/16$16€/16$14€/14$
2 - 3 days49€/49$20€/20$20€/20$18€/18$
14 - 15 days181€/181$60€/60$60€/60$48€/48$


What is considered long-term parking at the airport?

The SKG airport parking is divided into a short-term and a long-term parking area. The long-term parking spots are occupied by passengers who are interested in parking their vehicles for several days. The long-term parking fares are usually more affordable.

Is it cheaper to book airport parking in advance?

If you decide to book a parking lot in advance, it is highly possible that you will get a better price than booking at the last minute. Moreover, you may find special offers and deals. Thus, pre-booking your parking spot is surely recommended.

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